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Most Beautiful Spots in Nordegg for Photography

Updated: May 8

Most people remember a place they visited or people they met by taking photos of them. Generally, photography aims to disclose and document a particular moment in time. It also encourages one to travel and make memories in different parts of the world. This article seeks to contribute to this purpose by revealing the most beautiful spots in Nordegg. Through this article, you will know about the sites, why they are a good spot for photography, their viewpoints, and the type of gear suggested when at each location. Consider reading the article to the end and get the information you probably have been missing on the beautiful sites in Nordegg.

Nordegg is a small town located in Alberta, Canada. It holds an exquisite natural environment that is ideal for an outdoor adventurer. Nordegg's coal mine, distillation, and support facilities are, until now, intact, which made it a national historic site.

Here is a list of the most beautiful spots in Nordegg:

Abraham Lake

Abraham Lake, Nordegg
Abraham Lake

The leading masterpiece of the Nordegg area is probably the outstanding Abraham Lake. It is a large artificial lake known for its rich colors and beautiful ice bubbles during winter, making it a good place for photography. This is because you can capture unique shots of the great ice bubbles while standing on the lake. I highly recommend bringing a wide-angle lens to get as much of the bubbles and the amazing mountainous background that surrounds the lake. If you do decide to venture onto the ice in winter, it is recommended you wear microspikes to add traction to avoid sliding due to the ice.

Because Abraham Lake is so big, there are a few different unique spots to photograph some of the lake’s best viewpoints. Here are the most beautiful spots on Abraham Lake:

  • Windy Point Ridge: A challenging hike that takes approximately 3 hours to complete, Windy Point Ridge offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Abraham Lake and surrounding mountains. It is the perfect spot for a bird’s eye view of the region.

  • Preacher's Point: An easy spot to find; it is the most popular spot to see ice bubble formations on the lake under the right conditions. For a first-timer, Preacher’s Point would be the best place for a sure best spot to photograph ice bubbles.

Coliseum Mountain

Coliseum Mountain is a great hiking spot near Nordegg. It is a place that nears the town, and medium effort is needed to reach its peak. It will take five and half hours to reach the peak, which is a 14.2 km round trip. Most of the leg up Coliseum Mountain is unimpressive; the real gem is when you finally reach the top as it gives a 360-degree view of the forest enclosing Nordegg and the distant rocky peaks. You are recommended to wear shoes that allow adhesive friction since the trail can be at times muddy. Also, carry along wind pants and hats that cover your ears that you can wear because the peak is sometimes very windy. In summer, you will come across some wildflowers along the trail that make for some beautiful photos. If you love mountain photography; this will be a spot you won't want to skip when visiting Nordegg.

Crescent Falls

Crescent Falls, Nordegg
Crescent Falls

Crescent Falls is an easily accessible waterfall near Nordegg. From the parking lot, it is only a 15-minute walk to see these glorious waterfalls. It is the most renowned and beautiful waterfall in Nordegg. The view is splendid since two waterfalls are pouring down with mountain views in the distance. It is great to see during the winter. The viewpoints in this spot are: going down the cliff and viewing the falls from below (it may be closed, when I went it was closed). Or you can use a drone to take beautiful overhead shots. It makes a good spot for aerial photography due to its stunning canyons. You are recommended to wear shoes that allow higher traction because they can get slippery and steep as you approach the falls.

Siffleur Falls

Siffleur Falls, Nordegg
Siffleur Falls by Daven Froberg

Approach the Siffleur Falls through one of the best hikes in Nordegg. The walk is a 7.1km roundtrip that takes 2-2.5 hours, including the stops at the viewpoints and falls. The hike is easy because it's relatively flat. Along the walk, you will come across a canyon, a suspension bridge, and a boardwalk. Use the glacier trail on the left of the waterfall for superb views of canyons for surefire awesome landscape shots.

Ram Falls

Ram Falls, Nordegg
Ram Falls

Drive through the approximate 100 km dirt road to reach Ram Falls. It is an isolated waterfall, but it's so spectacular! If you are an adventurer, you ought to try this out. Its trail is 0.8km and will take an average of 12 minutes to finish. There are so many beautiful views on the road along the way, and to make a day of it you have the choice of camping, horseback riding, and fishing. You will even find a mini private airport along the way. Upon arrival on the trail is a stairway to heaven leading to Ram Falls which is probably the main viewpoint for this spot. You can take pretty landscape photographs of the falls. Take a tripod to ensure steadiness as you take the shots. You can capture views of mountain ranges, trees, rivers, animals, and lakes that you come across as you drive to the falls from Nordegg.

Cline River Canyon

Cline River Canyon, Nordegg
Cline River Canyon

You will find this spot through light hiking, whose trail covers a range of 3.3km, needing you 1-1.5 hours to the river. As you hike, you will come across stunning views and a fantastic icefall (in the winter) that yearns to be photographed. If you go to this spot during the winter season, carry a pair of ice cleats when strolling around the cline river icefall. Any landscape photographer will be thrilled to take shots of the scenery of the Cline River Canyon.

Whitegoat Falls

This is easily one of Nordegg's best-kept secrets. You'll arrive at this spot through an easy hike suggested for families with kids. It is a 3.5 km hike, including the return trail. It will take you around 50 minutes moving time to finish the hike. Its trail will lead you to a double-punch bowl set of waterfalls on a beautiful creek. You'll also find wildflowers beside the path that you might consider taking pictures of. The close-up view of the falls is the most stunning viewpoint for this spot. There are a ton of great opportunities for landscape photographers at this appealing spot in Nordegg. I recommend bringing along a wide-angle lens to truly capture the unique natural architecture of these falls.

Allstones Creek

This is another spot in Nordegg where kids can tag along. The trail is estimated to be 2.4 km long, taking you 30 minutes to 1 hour to reach this fantastic spot in Nordegg. To get to this spot, you will engage in some easy hiking that is leveled and covers less distance. The trail you will use will lead you to a small waterfall near Abraham Lake. This is a good hike that I recommend, especially on hot days, to cool your body down from dipping your feet in the water. Therefore, this calls for you to put on water shoes or shoes you don't mind getting wet since you'll pass over numerous creek crossings. Also, you can carry along trekking poles to maintain your balance. Opportunities abound for landscape photographers in this beautiful scenery. This spot is nestled unto Abraham Lake, making it a great addition to a day on the lake.

Mt. Stelfox

To reach the peak of the mountain in Nordegg, the use of the via ferrata is open to the public. If you are not a skilled mountain climber, you should avoid using it for your safety. The use of the via ferrata is simply for reaching the mountain's peak using an already installed ladder. This is where you will not have the rocks or small leads that are usually available to help push someone up. If you are brave enough to climb up Mt. Stelfox, you will be rewarded with amazing photography opportunities of Abraham Lake and surrounding mountains. Make sure to bring the tripod along if attempting a sunrise climb up the via ferrata for amazing long exposures of the orange clouds & blue lake. The mountainous views at the top are more than worth it.

Hoodoo Creek

Hoodoo Creek, Nordegg
Hoodoo Creek by Carolien Coenen

Hoodoo Creek is a small, moderately difficult trail located near Nordegg. It is only a 2.5-hour hike but with amazingly rewarding viewpoints. It includes panoramic views of Abraham Lake, the surrounding mountains, and more importantly, geological rock formations called Hoodoos. If you've never experienced a hoodoo before, make sure to take the trail as these rock formations are among the most bizarre and special in the world. Anytime I see a hoodoo, I always feel like I've landed on another planet. For photographers, you won't want to miss this unique and accessible photographic opportunity.

Where to Spot Wildlife in Nordegg

Wild Horse, Nordegg
Wild Horse in Nordegg

As you drive through highway 11 in Nordegg or as you walk, you will come across animals such as wild horses, deer, coyotes, and bears. Make sure to keep an eye out when moving from one point to another as they can often be seen by the watchful eye roaming about. Any wildlife photographer will be more than happy after a full day's drive around Nordegg as you are almost certainly going to see a wildlife animal on this protected wildlife corridor. But you ought to be careful as you drive to avoid hitting them. It is a fantastic adventure, and this is a good spot for photography, especially with the beautiful backdrop. It is recommended that you carry along bear spray in case you encounter one during your hike.


I hope this article has enlightened you on the most beautiful spots in Nordegg. Make an effort to try at least one of these places, and I am confident you will have a wonderful experience!

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