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Most Beautiful Fields in Quebec (Flowers, Farms, & More!)

Updated: May 8

Quebec is best known for its wonderful national parks, whale tours, old cities, and food culture. However, it is also one of the biggest provinces in Canada and has a lot of space, which means a lot of agriculture and a lot of great beautiful places for photoshoots!

In this article, you will find some of my own favorite fields in Quebec for great photography, from fruit farms, flower fields, to desolate winter spaces, there is something for everybody. These are all some good spots for landscape photography, photoshoots with loved ones, or just a relaxing weekend with friends.

These are the most beautiful fields in Quebec:

La Maison Lavande, Sainte-Eustache

La Maison Lavande, Sainte-Eustache
La Maison Lavande, Sainte-Eustache by Louis-Philippe Theriault

La Maison Lavande is best visited in July during the blooming of the Lavender. La Maison Lavande is known for its beautiful and photogenic lavender fields. The lavender here is bountiful and tall which adds an element of beauty for photographers. It is a great place for a photoshoot of the fields or of a person with a gorgeous backdrop.

There are two activities that are great for photographers. There are the sunset nights in July which allow you to visit the Lavender fields during peak hours, perfect to get unique, well lit shots of the fields. There are also Boho picnics which are costly, but with a few friends can bring the price per person way down. This lets you have a private spot in the middle of the fields with a table for a picnic which will not only be a great dinner, but perfect for a few Instagram style shots.

Sainte-Eustache is really close to Montreal, so if you have a car and are willing to venture outside the city, I recommend visiting the lavender fields if you happen to be there in July.

Wine Route, Eastern Townships

Wine Route, Eastern Townships
Wine Route, Eastern Townships by M Poiss

One of the places in Quebec that boasts the most beautiful fields are the Eastern Townships South-East of Montreal. A beautiful place for outdoor type activities and small townships with gorgeous architecture and food, the Eastern Townships are also known for their many vineyards.

Some of the wineries on the route have cute barns, expansive vineyards with mountainous backdrops, delicious restaurants, and some of them even have Alpagas! The route is yours to discover but I recommend staying in a nearby bed and breakfast and renting a bicycle. Just take your time and explore the route on your bike stopping wherever your heart desires. Make sure to stick around for the sunset as some of the views are best paired with a splash of orange skies.

La Seigneurie de l'Île d'Orléans

Located on the beautiful Orleans Island next to Quebec City, La Seigneurie is a unique garden with beautiful buildings and flowers as well as one of the best lavender fields in Quebec.

Best visited in July during peak lavender bloom, La Seigneurie has much more to offer. Flower gardens adorned with water points & berries, apple trees, statues, an arched stone bridge, medieval towers, a porcelain podium from Italy, the remains of a sawmill, and a 70 foot waterfall!

If you happen to visit Quebec City during the summer, then this place is a must go.

Centre d'Interpretation de la Courge, Saint-Joseph-du-Lac

If you’re looking for a Halloween themed field in Quebec, then look no further than the centre d’interpretation de la courge in Saint-Joseph-du-Lac. Open from the 1st of September to the 12th of October, these fields feature all types of squash.

This place has beautiful open air views and is surrounded by trees that transform into a beautiful array of red, orange, and yellows during the autumn months. If you’re looking for an outing with the family, or trying to find the perfect place for Halloween inspired photography, then these fields are for you.

La Ferme Quinn, Montreal

Now this is the spot if you want to pick fruits and veggies in Quebec. It is a beautiful little farm with big open air fields located just 20 minutes outside of Montreal.

They have multiple seasons with different types of fruits or veggies, most notably: strawberries in June and July, raspberries and blueberries in July and August, maize in July, August, and September, apples from August to October, pumpkins from September to October and finally Christmas trees in November and December! They even have a fall festival in September and October!

Berry fields are usually not as photogenic, but if you have small children, then it would be a perfect place for a photoshoot. As for the apple or the maize fields, walking around with your favorite autumn wardrobe will create the perfect new Facebook profile picture or Instagram post.

Ferme Champy, Sainte-Christine

Located in Sainte-Christine, Quebec, you can visit these fields anytime of the year with the peak for blooming of Sunflowers being the middle of summer. To visit these fields, all you have to do is buy 1L of sunflower oil and you will have access to their grounds for small hikes and picnics.

There’s nothing quite as pretty as a sunflower field, especially in full bloom. If you visit in the early morning or late evening, you’ll catch the sun at the perfect time for beautiful landscape photos of the fields and make sure to bring a friend for a gorgeous photoshoot., Boucherville

Although these fields are not the biggest fields in Quebec, they still have plenty of charm packed into them. During the month of May, when Tulips are in bloom, in both Boucherville or Laval just outside of Montreal, you will be able to find these magnificent Tulip fields.

Landscape photography here will be nearly impossible, a mix of crowds and chained fencing around the fields make any attempt at large panorama’s a lost cause. However, for a little photoshoot with kids or for your Instagram page, there are plenty of beautiful backgrounds to be taken in these fields. Sit down and let the flowers envelope you for the perfect picture!

Don’t forget to take some flowers with you!

Plaisance National Park

Plaisance National Park Wheat Fields
Plaisance National Park Wheat Fields

Although there is no special flower or fruit in the fields near Plaisance, they are still wildly beautiful and will mostly be yours for the taking (in a photographic sense).

These wonderful fields are located near the east side of the Plaisance National Park in Plaisance, Quebec. Although they are not technically part of the park, they are most easily accessed via the park trail network. To find these abandoned fields, reach the east extremity of the park and go south across the bridge until you exit the park. You will immediately be surrounded by vast abandoned fields in a prairie-like setting.

I found this place by surprise during a sunset walk in the park when I was camping there and found the place to be a perfect spot for anyone looking for a geometrically perfect field to shoot some pictures in. Make your trip complete with a stay in one of the ready-to-camp tents near the fields administered by the National Park.

Mustard Fields, Kamouraska

Mustard Fields, Kamouraska
Mustard Fields, Kamouraska by Mak

Kamouraska is a small village in the Bas Saint-Laurent region of Quebec. Recognized for its rustic beauty, Kamouraska is fortunate to have some of the most beautiful mustard fields in Quebec.

Mustard fields have a distinct look, like a sea of yellow waves that dominate the often green and blue landscapes in prairie areas. From May to June, is the optimal (and only) time to see mustard fields blooming. So if you’re in Quebec and you happen to be on a road trip across the province, take the detour to Kamouraska and explore the small dirt roads around the area to find these glorious mustard fields.

Just remember, these fields are not meant to be visited by the general public, so please be respectful of private property and stay on the side of the road.

Canola Fields, Ile d’Orleans

Canola Fields, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec
Canola Fields by Tobias Tullius

Once again on the magnificent Orleans Island in Quebec, we find canola fields that line the waterside routes. A mix of deep yellows, rustic red barns, vast rivers, and mountains color the senses in what can only described as pure awe.

If you’re on a bike or driving along, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to stop along the route on the island to take in the sights of the beautiful Canola fields. Although none of them offer guided tours, one can easily take in the beauty from afar and even take some great pictures.

From early May to mid-June, one can easily get lost on the island finding all sorts of canola fields in full bloom.

Au Jardin des Noix, Rawdon

Au Jardin des Noix
Au Jardin des Noix by Tourisme Lanaudiere

Located in Rawdon, Quebec just outside Montreal, Au jardin des noix is a pick your own nut farm. It has all sorts of different types of nuts and differently beautiful looking fields you can walk through.

It is only open to the public in September until supplies last so make sure to mark your calendars if you’re in the area or live in Montreal.

The picking takes place in bushes surrounded by thick trees. It is a beautiful field/forest combination that makes great moody autumn pictures. Bring your red hood and go full photoshoot mode if you don’t mind the crowd! Perfect for an Instagram picture.

Au Beau Pré, Saint-Anicet

Au Beau Pre is a place where you can pick your own dahlias in Saint-Anicet, Quebec. From July to September, one can find 300 varieties and colors of dahlias in their fields.

The flower fields stand quite tall and are surrounded by forests. If you visit in the early morning or late evening, you could easily find some spots of your own in these beautiful fields to picnic or get some beautiful pictures.

Make sure to bring back some beautiful dahlias for your loved ones and pictures to share or to keep for yourself!

La Belle de Coteau-du-Lac, Vaudreuil-Soulanges

In Vaudreuil-Soulanges, La Belle de Coteau-du-Lac farm has some magnificent sunflower fields to be discovered. From late august to early september, this farm allows people to visit for picnics, with dedicated “photo booth” stations for the perfect social media image, and the ability to pick your own sunflowers to bring home.

This place is a stand out for being especially catered to photographers with their small photo booths and ability to do small hikes around their farm to get good point-of-views of their beautiful fields.

They even have a festival of flowers during the summer where one can visit all of their different flower fields (with 40 different types) and have the ability of creating their own bouquet of a multitude of flowers. This place is a must go for flower lovers and those looking for a cool atmosphere for their next photoshoot!

Tulip Fields, Montreal Botanical Gardens

Tulip Fields, Montreal Botanical Gardens
Tulip Fields, Montreal Botanical Gardens

Not everyone in Montreal is aware of this, but at the entrance of the Botanical Gardens, you will find a splendid Tulip field against the backdrop of the Olympic Stadium! Many people flock here to see the tulips in spring as well as to take photoshoots with brightly colored clothing.

You can spend quite some time here with a camera if you really want to and the best part is that it is free because it is outside the Botanical Gardens, although you should still consider visiting the Botanical Gardens themselves as they offer so many more beautiful natural sights.

Canola Field, Poste-St.-Martin

In Poste-St.-Martin near Chicoutimi, Quebec you will find a beautiful beaten down barn surrounded by astounding canola fields. This barn is very easy to find but is not accessible to the public and is private. If you want to take pictures, you can easily stop by the side of the road as it is located on a “rang” which is not very heavily trafficked. Just put in 3096 rang St Martin in your GPS and it should take you there.

As said earlier in the article, the best time to come is May to mid-June for the best and brightest canola fields one can find. If you are visiting Quebec, the Saguenay region may seem a little far but if you do go all the way out there from Montreal or Quebec City, you will have so much to do and beautiful places to see, so make sure to add these canola fields to the list.

Wine Fields, Orleans Island

Wine Fields, Orleans Island, Quebec
Wine Fields, Orleans Island from Flickr

Again on this list we find Orleans island which is probably one of the most beautiful places in Canada and one of the most underrated for international travelers.

On Orleans Island, you will also find many wineries. You can easily make it a day; rent a bicycle and go winery hopping on the most beautiful island in Quebec City. Of course, there is always too many wineries and too little time, so I made sure to include the two most beautiful wineries on Orleans Island:

  1. Vignoble Ste-Petronille: A beautiful winery set in an old french style home decor with perfectly symmetrical fields nestled by the beautiful mountains that surround the island. You will truly feel at peace when sipping a cup of wine in this place.

  2. Vignoble du Mitan: This winery has an absolute gorgeous view of the Ste-Anne mountain across the river. It sits on the edge of the island and you couldn’t ask for a better view. If you want to say “this feels like I’m in a movie” then this is the right place to go.

Windmill, Saint-Paulin

In Saint-Paulin, Quebec, you will find a small road called Chemin du Seigneur that departs from the Chute des Trembles and leads to a church at the end of the road. Along that road, there is a beautiful field of yellow wildflowers and green bushes with a windmill overlooking the field on a small hill. You can climb towards the windmill and have a nice view of the fields as well.

This is a great field to visit in Quebec as it also has some historical value with the old buildings and a waterfall close by making it a nice afternoon or morning destination with many photo opportunities.

There is also a great tourist spot close by where you can get some refreshments after your day called Le Baluchon Éco-villégiature.

Single tree in corn field St-Mathieu-de-Beloeil, Qc

There is a spot near Sainte-Julie in Sainte-Mathieu-de-Beloeil right outside Montreal where you will find one of the most photogenic fields in Quebec. What sets this field apart is the beautiful tree that sits perfectly in the middle of the field.

Corn fields are typically harvested sometime in September, therefore the best time to see and photograph corn fields would be late August to early September. So to make sure you get the best out of this field I would recommend coming during that time although a winter setting for this field may be very lovely but the tree would be your subject more so than the field.

The thing about this spot is that it sits next to a single lane highway so stopping next to it can be hard and intimidating. I would recommend an early morning sunrise shoot when there will be very little cars on the road. There is a spot where you can park, albeit maybe not legally by the side of the road next to some electric poles. Put in the address 3804 QC-229 on your GPS to find it.

Sunflower and Mustard Field, Val-Brillant

On the route 132 ouest in Val-Brillant, you will find a spot with a beautiful sunflower field against the backdrop of a gorgeous canola field. It is quite a striking place to see but not very often frequented due to its location.

It is between Rimouski and Matane but not off the main road, one has to take a scenic road that detours for several hours. However, the good news is you will likely be alone and have a very unique picture if you make it out all the way there.

June would really be the prime time to visit these fields to see both the sunflowers and the canola in full bloom.

Soy field, Mirabel

Soyfield, Mirabel
Soyfield, Mirabel by Meredith Petrick

On chemin Chicot North in Mirabel near Montreal you can find beautiful soy fields. The road is public and you can stop on it to take pictures but the fields are private and not open to tourists so keep a respectful distance.

Soy fields here are set against a beautiful backdrop of forests and trees and surrounded by pretty wildflowers. If you come in the early morning or late evening, you will be graced with unique colors that will turn the fields a pretty orange hue.

Soy fields are better viewed in late august to early september when they are in full bloom.

Winter Fields

Winter Field, Quebec
Winter Field, Quebec by Fabrice Villard

If you visit Quebec anytime between November and March, you have to visit any open fields with snow. It is truly a sight to see, one that reminds of solitude and grace. Winter fields with a single tree or with tiny rivers passing through are easy to find and bountiful in any area of Quebec.

Make sure to visit when a sun sets to see the snow reflect the color of the sun and get an incredible picture!


I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did writing it. Many photographers often look for unique locations to shoot landscapes or photoshoots with family and friends and fields are a great place to go.

Whether you are visiting or are from Quebec, I hope these spots can help you find a great place for your next photoshoot and if you have any tips or secret spots you like to go to, make sure to sound off in the comments below.

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