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70 Most Beautiful Places in Italy - Ultimate Travel Photography Guide

Updated: May 1

Italy is a place of wonders. Having visited many places in Italy and being of Italian descent, Italy holds a special place in my heart. Italy is simply one of the most beautiful countries in the entire world, filled with culture and history, it is the perfect place for any type of traveler.

I'm a travel photographer and I am always on the look for amazing spots to capture for my portfolio. Italy is one of those places that offers so many different types of opportunities from impressive landscapes to unique cityscapes, coastal villages to medieval cities, Italy has something for every photographer.

I've compiled this very massive and comprehensive list of all the most beautiful locations I've found (so far!) in Italy. These places are perfect for your travel photography and Instagram adventures. Visiting all the places in this list would require at least a 2-3 months time worth of visit in Italy.

Here are the most beautiful places for photography in all of Italy (in no particular order):

1. Burano

Photograph by Lopez Robin.

Burano is a place where you'll be able to capture some of the most eye-catching photography in all of Italy. It is a small island located next to Venice and is a perfect day trip. It is famous for the bright multicolored houses that sit next to the canal which make for some awesome pictures.

2. Cinque Terre

Photograph by Bjorn Snelders.

Cinque Terre is a cluster of five colorful seaside villages on the Italian riviera coastline. One of my favorite places in all of Italy. I remember staying in an old fisherman house in the middle of Monterosso al Mare. It was such an out of world experience as the villages are perfectly preserved.

Cinque Terre is a very photographed destination as many tourists flock here every year. However, you can't skip this place as there is a reason people flock here. Many photographers have taken some of their best shots here because of the photogenic look of Cinque Terre.

Cinque Terre is made up of five villages called: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso al Mare. You can take a train between the villages our simply hike which I recommend as you will have some beautiful views of the landscapes offered by Cinque Terre.

3. Portofino

Photograph by Fabrizio Conti.

Another beautiful seaside village is Portofino. It is located on the Riviera Levante and quite close to Milan. This place is home to some beautifully colored houses and some amazing streets perfect for street photographers. There are so many small boutiques and upscale shops as well as charming restaurants to keep you occupied in between your photography. This place is well worth a visit as an idyllic location in Italy.

4. San Marino

Photograph by Mark de Jong.

What can one say about San Marino? Just look at this picture. Any photographer would love to be able to photograph this triumph of medieval architecture.

San Marino is not actually in Italy technically as it is a micro-state and the third smallest country in all of Europe. However, just like the Vatican, San Marino is considered an Italian destination. It has all of the signature cobblestone streets and architecture of the best of what Italy has to offer. What makes it really stand out though is the beautiful castle that sits on the hill above San Marino.

If you're in Florence, do consider taking the day trip to San Marino as its well worth the visit and may be some of the best pictures you take in all of Italy.

5. San Quirico d'Orcia

Photograph by Luca Micheli.

Tuscany is one of the most popular and dreamy destinations in Italy. Some of the best views in Tuscany can be found in San Quirico d'Orcia. San Quirico is a walled village from 11th century Italy. It is a very charming village in the heart of Tuscany. The village itself offers magnificent shots of history but the valley that surrounds the walls is equally as picturesque. This is a must stop in the Tuscany region of Italy.

6. Verona

Photograph by Henrique Ferreira.

Verona is a beautiful city in Italy and known for its very romantic atmosphere. It is the home of the Shakespearean tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. One of the most beautiful aspects of Verona is the beautifully preserved Gothic architecture and the red bricks that make up many of the city's houses.

There are so many unique places in Verona to get amazing street photography shots. It is also home to great food and culture and is sure to keep you busy on your travel photography vacation. I would make sure to add this city on my list especially for street photographers.

7. Bagnone

Bagnone is a beautiful location in Italy and severely underrated. It a unique location of stone buildings cobbled up unto a hill in the Tuscan Appennines. What makes this place stand out is the Magra River that flow through the village as well as the castle and watch tower that stand a top the scenery giving this place a truly fairy tale like vibe. If you want a place all to yourself from away from the tourists of Italy, then this place is a photographers paradise for you.

8. Pragser Wildsee

Photograph by Samuel Thompson.

Let life enchant you in this wild location called Pragser Wildsee. Very few people know that Italy is home to some of the most beautiful hiking locations in the world. Pragser Wildsee is in the Italian Dolomites and one of the most picturesque locations there.

Filled with pines trees, beautiful mountains and cute wooden boats, you can't not take a good picture here. This is one of those places that can land you your best shot ever so careful planning is necessary for you to get the picture of your dreams when you get here.

9. Milan

Photograph by Daniil Vnoutchkov.

Okay so you probably already know about this place. One of the staples of Italy, Milan is known for its vibrant spirit with some of the best restaurants in the world, its world renown fashion influence, and the iconic attractions that bring in millions of visitors every year. For a first timer, Milan is a must visit in Italy. There are so many wonderful works of architecture here and as a street photographer (or any photographer) missing Milan would be a crime. Let the city charm you with its amazing picturesque locations.

10. Bellagio

Photograph by Fabio Tura.

No, I'm not talking about the Bellagio in Vegas. Bellagio is one of Italy's lesser know tourist destinations. It does get its fair share but much less than other popular places in Italy. As a photographer, there are many fantastic places in this fabulous village where you'll be able to snag some insta-worthy shots.

Bellagio is nestled on Lake Como in Italy and is one of the most beautiful villages on the lake shores. During the warm summer months, take it easy in Bellagio, spend the day enjoying the sun and take some fantastic shots when the sun is just right from many of the wonderful angles this place offers.

11. Villnöß

Photograph by Boris Misevic.

Look at that little village there. Yup, that's Villnöß, one of the most beautiful places in Italy. It's a small commune in a beautiful green valley surrounded by crazy peaks as the one pictured above. Spending one night here is a must for any photographers in Italy as there are so many cool locations around where you can get yourself some award winning photos. If you're up to it, you might even want to try climbing one of the peaks for some crazy shots.

12. Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona

Photograph by Suzanne Emily O’Connor.

Nope, that's not a Photoshop, that's the epic Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona, a church that sits against a mountain high in the sky. A truly unique place in Italy. It's pretty obvious from looking at the above picture that this is a must go place for photographers visiting Italy.

13. Latemar

Photograph by Daniel Plan.

The Latemar is one of the mountains that can be found in the Italian Dolomites. Now climbing the mountain will give you some impressive views and fond memories, but as a photographer, the best pictures will be the ones of the mountain itself.

There are many awesome spots where this peak can be photographed from (some of which are in this article) and you will definitely want to spend some time visiting some of them as they will offer unique views and perspectives of one of the most beautiful mountains in Italy. Try visiting the Lago di Carezza for a must see photo spot of the Latemar as well as Karersee which offers a unique reflection of the mountain.

14. Anghiari

Another beautiful and very unfrequented travel destination in Italy perfect for photographers is Anghiari. It is easily one of the most scenic walled towns in all of Tuscany. Lined with artisan shops, the narrow streets of Anghiari bring this historic place to life. Travel back in time through this location and capture some of the amazing details and architecture this place has to offer.

Make sure to grab the unique cityscape this city has such as in the picture above for some very Instagram friendly content. When you're done, get yourself a glass of wine and relax in one of the most awesome places in all of Italy.

15. Lake Sorapis

Photograph by Simon Migaj.

Another icon of the Italian Dolomites is the Lake Sorapis. One of the best areas to shoot pictures in Italy, this place will require a grueling 2 hour hike to get to the lake, but the reward will be this majestic clean lake surrounded by immense mountains. If you want some sunrise or sunset pictures, consider staying in the Rifugio up at the top of the trail overnight. This place can be very popular in the summer season so consider coming here during the off season in fall or spring.

16. Seiser Alm

Photograph by Michele Mescolin.

The Seiser Alm is an area spanning around 56 km squared. It is the largest high-altitude alpine meadow in Europe. It is one of those places that feels like they might be the fabled garden of Eden. It has many small ponds and over 800 species of wildflowers and the meadow is riddled with small cabins like the one pictured above.

This place is just a paradise for photographers as the meadow is surrounded by an epic mountain in the distance that makes all the pictures you take here look surreal. If you want a really good picture, I recommend walking up or staying in the ADLER Lodge ALPE for the best view of the place.

17. Cortina d'Ampezzo

Photograph by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos.

This is the the most popular ski resort in all of Italy. Also one of the most beautiful towns in all of Italy. The town has some beautiful architecture and is surrounded by some of the most unique mountains in the region. Staying here is sure to land you some wicked shots as the landscape is quite impressive.

18. St. Magdalena

As pictured above, St. Magdalena is a picturesque medieval church hidden high up in the mountains of Italy. It is literally next to Villnöß which makes it a worthwhile stop during your Italian adventure. This church is very popular on Instagram for a reason as it lies beautifully against the epic background of the Italian Dolomites. As a photographer, you won't be able to stop taking pictures of this magnificent place.

19. Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Photograph by Paul Gilmore.

Tre Cime di Lavaredo is an amazing and impressive rock formation in the Italian Dolomites. It sits at an elevation of 2,999m. It is a very accessible area as you can get here with a car. Some of the best photos ever period have been shot here. The mountains are known for their three distinctive peaks. As a photographer here, you will be enchanted by the countless possibilities this place offers. If you want, try staying in one of the lodges close by to capture a sunrise or sunset picture.

20. Karersee

Photograph by Pascal Debrunner.

As discussed above in #13, the Latemar is one of the most impressive mountains in the Dolomites. If you want to get the best picture possible, you have to make sure to hit Karersee. This lake gives an enchanting perspective of the Latemar with its surrounding pine trees and perfect crystal reflections of the mountain. This place is quite popular among tourists for a reason, but try heading here during a sunrise or sunset and you'll be among the few to be witness to one of the best spectacles on Earth.

21. Lake Misurina

Photograph by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos.

An icon of the Italian Dolomites, Lake Misurina is unique and vivacious in its majestic beauty. This place is a very small tourist center located in the Dolomites at approximately 1750m in height. From the Lake there are many excursions one can take to the nearby peaks called Cadini di Misurina and Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

It's a great base for photographers in the region as the climate is perfect and the surroundings are just waiting to be photographed with plenty of possibilities for exploration. I would recommend staying here to catch the beautiful sunset and sunrise that is beautifully reflected on the Lake.

22. Varenna

Photograph by Ellena McGuinness.

I'm telling you, Varenna is an undiscovered paradise. It is one of the most underrated places on Lake Como. It is such a vibrant little village with great food and culture, but for a photographer, what distinguishes Varenna is it's beautiful assortment of red and yellow colored houses that sit on the shore of Lake Como. If you want to experience beauty with very little tourists, Varenna is the perfect spot to go.

23. Lake Garda

Photograph by Mike Palmowski.

Lake Garda is a beautiful lake and the largest one in all of Italy. There are many beautiful little villages on the shores of the lake and everyone of them is worth a visit. As a photographer, you will have so many opportunities for amazing pictures here, especially long exposures of the villages sitting above the water.

I would recommend staying in Limone sul Garda or Sirmione as a home base, two of the most beautiful villages on Lake Garda. On top of that, you'll have many opportunities for outdoor activities on the lake to keep your vacation in Italy to a maximum of enjoyment.

24. Îlot de Loreto

This place is a perfect opportunity for a great picture. It is very similar to the island in Bled for those in the know. Loreto Island is located in Montisola on Lake Iseo. One of the important things to know before heading here is that this island is privately owned, meaning a tour of the island is highly improbable. That said, there are so many amazing spots around the lake that offer unique viewpoints of the island to get some amazing and unique shots.

The island is very unknown to most people meaning that you'll be one of the few photographers with some awesome shots of this place. If you're heading anywhere close to Montisola, I would highly recommend stopping by here for some great shots.

25. San Gimignano

Photograph by Erin Doering.

This is an icon of beautiful Tuscany villages. It sits on a hilltop and is surrounded by 13th century walls making it an incredibly historical and unique destination in Italy. San Gimignano is also home to some very cool medieval "skyscrapers" which were originally built by the rich who displayed their wealth through the size of their towers. I highly recommend spending a day here to soak in the rich history this place has to offer and get some amazing shots in the process.

26. Isola Bella

Isola Bella is a wonderfully unique place in Italy. Located on the Lake Maggiore it offers a very picturesque island to explore. It has many types of Mediterranean plants as well as some incredibly luxurious medieval architecture. If you have a drone like the photographer above, then you can get some amazing shots of the island with the mountains in the background. Getting pictures of this place from land is harder but there's plenty of opportunities on the island itself or in the mountains close-by with a telephoto lens.

27. Santa Margherita Ligure

Santa Margherita Ligure is a classic vacation spot. It's a place with some real beauty and charm. As a photographer coming to this place will be a dream come true as the beautiful village is surely going to land you an unforgettable picture. It has many beautiful streets and amazing landscape views of the Ligurian coast. It's really close to Portofino and Milan as well which makes it a destination worth going off the beaten path for.

28. Camogli

Photograph by Francesca Petringa.

Another beautiful spot which has less tourists than other popular places in Italy is Camogli. It is very close to Portofino and Cinque Terre which makes it a less popular destination. However, it is equally as beautiful with its amazingly colored buildings and nice nearby landscapes.

Unlike other similar destinations Camogli isn't filled with designer stores and yachts filling the bay. It is very reminiscent of what Italy used to be which is why it is a popular destination for locals. As a photographer you'll have plenty of opportunities for incredible pictures here.

29. Florence

Photograph by Heidi Kaden.

Florence, Italy. One of the most popular destinations on the planet. You know about it already but for that one person who doesn't, let me explain. Florence is home to some of the best art in the world, best food in the world, and most amazing architecture in the world. It has iconic sights from the Renaissance era and a vibrancy like no other city.

As a photographer, you'll have unique opportunities in Florence for some great photography such as the one above. There is just so much great stuff in this city that Florence would require an article all of itself. For first-timers, Florence is a must go destination in Italy.

30. Montepulciano

Photograph by Łukasz Czechowicz.

Montepulciano is a hilltop town in the region of Tuscany. It is a place best know for wine with a wine bar at every corner. However, for photographers Montepulciano offers some of the best views of the Tuscan valleys in Italy as pictured above. It is an absolute must stop for wine lovers and photographers.

31. Bassano del Grappa

Bassano del Grappa, Italy
I took this picture from a nearby bridge in Bassano del Grappa.

Bassano del Grappa holds a special place in my heart. My grandfather was born and raised in this small beautiful northern Italian village. He helped rebuild the bridge that is pictured here which dates back to 1209 but was destroyed during the second world war.

It is known as the home of Grappa, an Italian spirit popular among Italians (like myself). It is relatively very unknown and you will be among the few tourists in the village if you come here. However, do come as it offers exceptional beauty especially for street photographers. It is close to Venice and worth a detour.

32. Lake Orta

Photograph by Luca Florio.

Lake Orta is a splendid 15 km long lake in the southern Alps of Italy. It is close to Lake Maggiore. It is a less visited lake of Italy but much worth the detour, especially for photographers. It is a very picturesque place in Italy surrounded by woods and mountains but the best part of the lake is the island in the middle which gives away some amazing views for photographers to capture.

Many Italians try to keep this place a secret as it has a tranquil beauty much different to the surrounding lakes that are bustling with tourists. I highly recommend spending at least a day on these majestic waters.

33. Venice

Photograph by Henrique Ferreira.

Venice is a dream. This is a place where most photographers will have a field day. I remember spending days walking around and exploring the beautiful city of Venice. There are so many little treasures all around the city. It is a placed that has been photographed so many times and is very popular but with reason, you will have no trouble finding your shot in this amazing city. I would probably rank this as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. It is a must go for any first time travelers to Italy.

34. Padua

Photograph by Pietro Rampazzo.

One of the less visited destinations in Italy is Padua. It is very close to Venice and a worthwhile destination for any travel photographer. Here you will find a myriad of fantastic spots for street photography. Padua is home to one of the largest squares in Italy filled with amazing food and culture. Once a favored city for artists, the renaissance imprint has remained one of Padua's signature attractions. Visiting Padua is a must for any photographer looking for unique pictures of Italy.

35. Lucca

Photograph by Miti.

A city known for its culture, art, and fantastic food surrounded by medieval walls, Lucca is one of the most beautiful cities in Tuscany. It is quite close to Pisa and a must visit for photographers in the region. The architecture makes one feel like they are traveling through time back in medieval Tuscany. For street photographers, Lucca is a treat as there are so many unique views and sights the city offers which will guarantee you some unique photographs of Italy.

36. Val d'Orcia

Photograph by Cristina Gottardi.

Val d'Orcia is a very famous region in the southern part of Tuscany. It is where many famous films have been shot, and for a reason, this is one of the most beautiful valleys in the entire world. It is a UNESCO world heritage site and home to some beautiful cultivated hills and eye-catching landscapes. When visiting the region of Tuscany, Val d'Orcia is a must stop for any travel photographer.

37. Fosdinovo

Offering a splendid view of the Val di Magra, Fosdinovo us one of the most beautiful villages in the Lunigiana region. It is located near both the ocean and the mountains and has some of the most unique cuisine in Italy. It is an often overlooked destination which means that you will be able to capture it's unique essence as a photographer traveling to this century old village. If you are an architecture fanatic, you should absolutely consider Fosdinovo as it has some of the most beautifully preserved buildings, churches, and castles in Italy.

38. Monteriggioni

If you're a flytographer, you have to visit this beautiful little gem in the Tuscany region of Italy. It is surrounded by a medieval wall and is situated between Volterra and Sienne. It is so small but a few hours here is more than worth it as the streets are absolutely picturesque and rather empty of tourists. It is a great place to stop for ice cream and pictures on your trip around Tuscany.

39. Treiso

A small commune in Italy of only 9.5 square kilometres, Treiso is a must-go destination in the Piedmont region. It is another beautiful small Italian village that is often overlooked by travelers to Italy. It is home to some of the best wine and food in Italy and some of the best landscapes a photographer can find. If you want some unique pictures of Italy, take this small detour as it will be more than worth it!

40. Madonna di Campiglio

Photograph by Vincentiu Solomon.

Madonna di Campiglio is one of Italy's top ski resorts. Set beneath the high peaks of the Brenta Dolomites, it is a much lesser known destination of Italy, filled with beauty, and eye-catching photo opportunities. Even if you don't ski, this place has so many things to do, especially in the off-season where trails open up to hikers.

On top of the breathtaking views, Campiglio offers visitors some delicious food and laid back bars which are sure to keep you busy in between photography sessions. If you are visiting the Italian Dolomites, make sure to stop in this pretty part of the world.

41. Positano

Photograph by Sebastian Leonhardt.

Positano is a gorgeous cliff-side village on the Amalfi coast. It is easily one of the most picturesque places in Italy with crystal clear waters, quaint streetscapes, surrounded by mountains, and colorful pastel houses; this place is like a photographers dream.

42. Scilla

Photograph by Jovana Askrabic.

On the far end of the Italian peninsula sits Scilla, a beautiful fishing village filled with delightful sights and smells of Italian life. The village is located between the sea and the mountains making this place a truly picturesque location for any adventurous photographers. There are two sides to Scilla which are separated by a rocky promontory topped with a castle. If that doesn't sound like a must go spot than I don't know what does.

43. Sorrento

Photograph by Alicia Steels.

Another amazing spot on the Amalfi coast is Sorrento. Sorrento is a beautiful cliffside town in Italy perfectly wedged between sea and mountain landscapes. As a photographer, you will have plenty of amazing opportunities for some unique photographs in Sorrento. This is also such an underrated spot and a worthwhile visit for travelers to Italy.

44. Assisi

Photograph by Monique Kraan.

Assisi is a place that has been frequented by pilgrims since the 13th century to venerate St. Francis who was born and buried here. Assisi finds its character in the terrain shaped by the hills of Umbria and the forests of Monte Subasio.

This is one of the best kept secrets in Italy and a true gem of medieval history. On top of that, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site (and with reason!). There are so many beautiful sights to see from outside the village walls and inside the rich paved roads of the elegant Italian village.

The village is crowned by a ruined castle which provides amazing vistas of the surrounding region. As a photographer, you owe it to yourself to visit this majestic gem of Italian culture.

45. Perugia

Perugia is an underrated Italian destination. It is a vibrant city home to the University of Perugia which is one of the oldest universities in Italy. This city has an amazing local cafe and bar scene which perfectly takes advantage of the cities ancient architecture.

If you are into going off the beaten track and finding amazing streetscapes filled with unique and vibrant culture than Perugia is for you. If you are a street photographer, you almost cannot pass up on this amazing chance at capturing Italian city life.

46. Pompeii

Everyone knows about Pompeii. It is known as a place of great tragedy and history in Italy. It is one of the most visited architectural sites in Italy and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

As a photographer, there are so many opportunities for truly unique photographs as Pompeii's historic city has withstood the test of time. It is a literal living museum. If you are into history and street photography Pompeii is definitely worth the detour.

47. Ischia

I bet you've never heard of this little piece of paradise before. It is one of the largest and most developed islands in the bay of Naples and home to many luxuries that make for amazing, relaxing vacations such as spas, quality restaurants, beaches, and pools.

It's a must stop destination for travel photographers with the very cool castle built on an island view it offers. It is often overlooked by other tourists because it is close to Capri, but make no mistake, this island is arguably much more beautiful than its neighbor and a lot less expensive too.

48. Campobasso

Campobasso is a village very rarely visited in Italy and quite under the radar. However, if you do visit this beautiful tiny village, you will find beautiful stretches of quaint streets, shops, and architecture that make this a worthwhile stop on your Italian adventure. It is also situated in the mountains which make the backdrops even more jaw-dropping.

49. City of Alberobello

Photograph by Giulia Gasperini.

Alberobello, the villages of trullis. In the region of Puglia is the only place where you will find these cute little houses that are a defining trait of the region.

Although very popular, Alberobello is the city with the largest concentration of trulli in Italy. On top of that, this place is a UNESCO World Heritage site which means that you can't go wrong as a photographer looking for some really cool pictures.

I recommend visiting in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid large crowds of tourists day tripping to the area.

50. Polignano a Mare

Photograph by Maria Bobrova.

Home to the red bull diving competition, Polignano a Mare is a very popular and very beach in the village of Polignano. However, it is very much worth passing by as a photographer if you are in this part of Italy. Visiting this beautiful spot in the early morning sunrise will be perfect as you will have the beach to yourself. Additionally, the village is a cliff side town with some very unique and beautiful ivory colored architecture.

51. Spiaggia dell'Arco Magno

Photograph by Massimo Virgilio.

This is a great day trip for photographers as this little spot in Italy offers some amazing photo opportunities. It is located in San Nicola Arcella and there is also a beautiful little secluded beach nearby that will allow you to spend the day swimming in perfectly turquoise waters in between your award winning shots.

52. Praiano

Photograph by Ryan James Christopher.

There it is, Praiano in all its glory. Very rarely do photographers visit this beautiful little village on the seaside cliffs of the Amalfi coast. Yet, it is one of the most beautiful and photogenic spots in all of Italy.

There are tons of splendid beaches where you can enjoy unique views of the Amalfi coast sunset and amazing foreground and background elements to bring out the best in your shots.

On top of that, you have some amazing trails to get even better views of the coast which I fully encourage such as the Sentiero degli Dei trail which will surely satisfy your crave of beautiful nature.

Make sure to stay for the delicious catch of the day in the many small restaurants that are contained within the village.

53. Ostuni

Photograph by Daniel Corneschi.

Perched atop a hill, Ostuni is a perfect location for photographers visiting Italy. It has all the elements you need to capture some amazing scenes. With a medieval vibe and buildings built on top of one another, Ostuni is a confusing maze of beautifully intricate streets that will have you zigzagging and exploring this wonderful piece of Italian history.

From the top, you can catch some views of the Adriatic Sea just 8km away. It would almost be a sin not to visit this eye-catching place.

54. Locorotondo

This is Locorotondo hidden away in the waters of the Mediterranean on a seaside vista. Here you will find stunning white washed trulli close knit together among pretty and narrow winding lanes. It is one of the most beautiful places in Italy and a street photographers dream.

It is not a very touristy town, but simply a place to admire the beautiful architecture of a forgotten time. Definitely come here if you're looking for a place away from the crowds.

55. Matera

Photograph by Luca Micheli.

Matera is known as "The Stone City" or "The City of Caves" (just look at that picture, amazing!). It is the third oldest continually inhabited settlement in the world which means that it literally feels like a city out of biblical times.

There are so many incredible viewpoints in this city which are ripe for some amazing photography opportunities.

56. Spoleto

In the region of Umbria sits this hidden gem (I promise it's a hidden gem!). It has some unique architecture and history as well as tons of cool places where you can shoot without the presence of hundreds of other people doing the same thing.

Hit this spot for some awesome cuisine from truly local villagers. If you want the Italian experience than this is a great place to get lost.

57. Beach of Two Sisters

I don't know how more people don't know about this little beach in Italy. It should be iconic. It gets its name from the two white rocks that jump out of the water as seen above. It is accessible by boat or through a steep pathway. It is pristine and uncrowded which makes it a perfect spot to sit back and soak in the sun.

Get a ferry here at 9AM or 10AM and return at 12:30PM or 3PM. Otherwise, hike the Passo del Lupo trail located north of Sirolo.

Keep in mind that this beach is a bit rocky so make sure to bring your best pair of flip-flops.

58. Rome

I know right, I'm at #58 on the list and I still haven't mentioned Rome. Honestly, do I even know what I'm talking about at this point? Of course I do...

Rome is unquestionably the image of Italy. It has the Vatican, the Coliseum, amazing pizza, and so much more. If you haven't been here before I urge you to stop here. It might not make your most unique shots but trust me when I say that they might be the most engaging shots. Everybody loves pictures of Rome. Take a long exposure during sunrise of the Coliseum and BAM, you've got yourself an amazing looking shot of Rome without any people in it and thousands of your followers on Instagram asking you how you did it.

Whether you shoot landscapes, streetscapes, architecture, fashion, urban, whatever, Rome is for you.

59. Villa Rufolo

Photograph by Ilenia F.

The above image is a view from the Villa Rufolo. It was built by a wealthy merchant family in the 13th century. It was once known as the largest and most expensive villa on the Amalfi coast. It is a place where royalty has visited frequently for exquisite banquets.

For a small fee, you can stroll through the house and take in the charming views of the Amalfi Coast as well as visit the beautiful gardens around the house. Definitely worth a detour when visiting the area for some cool shots.

60. Orvieto

Photograph by Heidi Kaden.

Home to some of the most beautiful buildings in Italy, this is an uncrowded oasis built on a hill in the Umbria region.

There is a calm stillness to the town that will charm any newcomer with its cafes and restaurants. The surrounding area is beautiful as well and any photographer here will find something quaint and unique. After all, this is a picturesque medieval town built on a hill. It also has what some call one of the seven wonders of Italy, it's duomo is impeccably ornate and is unlike any other cathedral you will find in Italy.

61. Pitigliano

Photograph by elias.

Carved on a tufa ridge, Pitigliano is located in the Upper Maremma of Tuscany. The town has an unmistakable skyline. It is a remnant of the Bronze Age. There is an old Jewish quarter under the city which can be visited as well which is super cool for history buffs and photographers. It also played an important role in helping jews escape from racial laws in Italy during the WWII.

Definitely a must stop for its beauty alone and a must stay for its rich storied past.

62. Vieste

Photograph by Giulia Gasperini.

Vieste is another pretty seaside town in Italy. It sits on a white cliff facing the Adriatic sea. It is an absolutely picturesque place filled with pretty white-washed houses.

There are also two amazing beaches on each side of town which are perfect for a relaxing afternoon before the golden hour.

Make sure to also check out the Pizzomunno Rock which sticks out 25m high from the sea on Castello Beach. Perfect for some dramatic shots of the sunset or sunrise.

63. Cala Dogana

Cala Dogana is the most populated concentration of people on the island of Levanzo in the Egadi Islands of the Mediterranean Sea. This part of the island is the perfect destination for photographers. It has beautiful weather and great sunsets by the sea with lined white cubic houses. It also has some great spots to visit on the island such as the Neolithic cave paintings in the "Grotta del Genovese" as well as the Paleolithic graffitos.

64. Cefalù

Photograph by Jacek Dylag.

Just a day trip from Palermo, Cefalù is a picturesque Italian town that offers some of Sicily's finest beaches as well as some of its greatest architecture.

I actually watched Cinema Paradiso recently which is a great Italian movie set in old Sicily. Turns out this is where the movie was shot and with no surprise, it has some of the most beautifully preserved squares, streets, and churches of medieval Italy. It would be a great disservice not to visit this wonder of a town.

65. Syracuse

Photograph by Luca N.

One of the travel icons of Italy, Syracuse has it all, culture, tradition, and picturesque sights.

Here's a write up from UNESCO themselves: "The site of Syracuse and the Rocky Necropolis of Pantalica on the Mediterranean coast of south-eastern Sicily consists of two separate elements, the historic town of ancient Syracuse and the Necropolis of Pantalica. Together these two components form a unique cultural record that bears a remarkable testimony to Mediterranean cultures from the time of the ancient Greek.". Couldn't of said it better myself.

The atmosphere in Syracuse is incredible as you walk through ancient Greece with a view of the pristine blue ocean by piazzas filled with delicious Italian cuisine. Your camera will not be able to take a bad picture here, trust me.

66. Erice

Photograph by Luiz Centenaro.

Placed at over 750 meters above sea level, Erice is a superb medieval village. The winding road that leads there offers very beautiful views. The medieval architectural ensemble is very well preserved, which explains the presence of many tourists. Despite everything, Erice remains a very quiet place. The village actually only has around 500 inhabitants. Very far from the rest of the population and taking advantage of the incomparable views, Erice with its cobbled streets and historic buildings is a visit not to be missed.

67. Scopello

Scopello is a tiny village on the Sicilian coastline. It is very well preserved and quite frequently visited by locals. It is known for the amazing landscape above but very little people actually bother to come here meaning that you will likely be one of the few to get shots of this amazing little place.

You will see the entirety of Scopello quite quickly so take time to sit back, relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of a beautiful Italian village.

68. Sardinia

Photograph by Massimo Virgilio.

This is the place to be in the summer in Italy. Sardinia is a beautiful island with gorgeous beaches, beautiful villages, and some fantastic clear waters perfect for surfers and swimmers.

There are tons of amazing spots for some great shots on the island including rugged coasts, some stunning lighthouses, Roman ruins, and tons of sea life. This place is a must for any travel photographer in Italy.

69. Maddalena Archipelago

This archipelago consists of 7 islands including: La Maddalena, Caprera, Budelli, Santa Maria, Spargi, Santo Stefano and Razzoli as well as 55 islets.

All these islands offer unique and amazing views of the Italian seas including turquoise lagoons, deserted seascapes, and amazing beaches. An amazing opportunity for any travel photographer.

There are also tons of activities here including scuba diving, hiking, boat tours, and more. Plus, for some reason, this place is still an undiscovered gem of Italy which makes it truly a special place to visit.

70. Bosa

Bosa is a beautiful little town on the island of Sardinia. It is located in the province of Oristano. It is filled with beautiful colored buildings and is a very unpopular tourist destination making it an attractive idea for photographers looking for great shots of color vibrant Italian streets without an influx of tourists.


I hope you enjoyed this very long in depth article looking at some of the most beautiful photography spots in all of Italy. I spent a lot of time writing this article for you and would love your feedback in the comments below. Please share it with your friends looking to take a trip to Italy as there are so many undiscovered places in Italy just waiting to be photographed.

If you love photography including landscapes and cityscapes, do visit my gallery here where I feature some of my best shots.

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Have fun in Italy!

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